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CoversRequirement What resource is observed? For what year and at what exploitation rate and exploitation state?
GraphicallyRepresentedBy Resourceexploitation.jpg +
HasConsequence The patterns states that for each instance The patterns states that for each instance of the resource observation all parameters exist, this does not however mean that they are necessarily present in the knowledge base. Any dependencies between parameters have not been taken intor account, there are no formal restrictions on the combination possible. The parameters are intended to have a fixed set of values (to be defined as nominals) but this is not explicit in the pattern. ) but this is not explicit in the pattern.
HasElement ResourceExploitationObservation/ResourceExploitationObservation +, ResourceExploitationObservation/hasReferenceYear +, ResourceExploitationObservation/hasResource +, ResourceExploitationObservation/hasExploitationRate +, ResourceExploitationObservation/ExploitationRate +, ResourceExploitationObservation/ExploitationState +, ResourceExploitationObservation/hasExploitationState +, ResourceExploitationObservation/isExploitationStateOf +, ResourceExploitationObservation/isResourceOf +, ResourceExploitationObservation/isExploitationRateOf +
HasIntent The intent of the pattern is to be able to represent observations of aquatic resources, where the observations have been made a certain year and has certain other parameters.
IsSpecializationOf Observation +
Modification dateThis property is a special property in this wiki. 8 March 2010 13:45:57  +
Name ResourceExploitationObservation  +
OWLBuildingBlock  +
PatternDomain Fishery +
Scenario Give me the resource observations for the year 2004 Give me the resource observations where the exploitation rate is 'Moderate fishing mortality' Give me the resource observations where the state is 'fully exploited'
SubmittedBy AldoGangemi +, EvaBlomqvist +
Categories ProposedContentOP +
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ResourceExploitationObservation/ExploitationRate +, ResourceExploitationObservation/ExploitationState +, ResourceExploitationObservation/ResourceExploitationObservation +, ResourceExploitationObservation/hasExploitationRate +, ResourceExploitationObservation/hasExploitationState +, ResourceExploitationObservation/hasReferenceYear +, ResourceExploitationObservation/hasResource +, ResourceExploitationObservation/isExploitationRateOf +, ResourceExploitationObservation/isExploitationStateOf +, ResourceExploitationObservation/isResourceOf + ElementOf


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