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ContentODPDescription This pattern is a basic one; it represents This pattern is a basic one; it represents the 'path' cognitive schema, which underlies many different conceptualizations: spatial paths, time lines, event sequences, organizational hierarchies, graph paths, etc. Sequence pattern reuses the logical pattern [[Submissions:TransitiveReduction|Transitive reduction]], in order to represent both transitive and non-transitive precedence relations. e and non-transitive precedence relations.
CoversRequirement What is before what?, What's next?, What's immediately following this?
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GraphicallyRepresentedBy Sequence.png +
HasConsequence We can represent and reason over transitive or intransitive sequences of any kind. However, since coreference cannot be expressed in OWL, it is not possible to represent and reason over loops and other sequences involving coreference.
HasElement Sequence/directlyFollows +, Sequence/directlyPrecedes +, Sequence/follows +, Sequence/precedes +
HasIntent To represent sequence schemas. It defines the notion of transitive and intransitive precedence and their inverses. It can then be used between tasks, processes, time intervals, spatially locate objects, situations, etc.
Modification dateThis property is a special property in this wiki. 8 March 2010 13:49:42  +
Name Sequence  +
OWLBuildingBlock  +
PatternDomain General +, Organization +, Workflow +, Time +
SubmittedBy AldoGangemi +
Categories ProposedContentOP +
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Sequence/directlyFollows +, Sequence/directlyPrecedes +, Sequence/follows +, Sequence/precedes + ElementOf
List +, Transition + HasComponent
Action +, List +, Reaction + IsSpecializationOf
Food Recipe Ingredient Substitution Ontology Design Pattern +, Reaction +, RecurrentEventSeries +, RecurrentSituationSeries + RelatedCP


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