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DomainOfInterest General +, Ontology +, University +
DomainOfInterestOther Community:Music  +
FirstName Francois  +
Gender Male  +
HomePage  +
HowDidYouKnowAbout colleagues  +
LastName Scharffe  +
LivesIn Austria (AT)  +
MainMotivationForJoiningOdp I'm working on correspondence patterns. This research is pretty much related to ontology patterns.
Modification dateThis property is a special property in this wiki. 5 February 2009 18:03:40  +
Picture ODPUser.png +
PossibleMainContributionToOdp To have some help to solve modeling problems  +, To help other users to solve modeling problems  +
Role PhD Student  +
WorksInOrganization STI Innsbruck  +
WorksInOrganizationDescribedBy  +
WorksInOrganizationType Educational Training and Research Institution  +
Categories ODPUser +, EBMember +
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EXtreme Design (XD): Pattern-based Ontology Design +, Extreme Design (XD): Pattern-based Ontology Design +, PhD Course on Computational Ontologies @ University of Bologna 2010 + Author
Class Union +, Class by attribute occurence +, Class by attribute type +, Class by attribute value +, Class by path attribute value +, Class correspondence defined by relation domain +, Class equivalence +, Class intersection +, Class subsumption +, Disjoint Classes +, FrancoisScharffe about Classification scheme - adjacency list model - to Taxonomy +, FrancoisScharffe about ConceptGroup +, FrancoisScharffe about ConceptGroup +, FrancoisScharffe about Enlarge Class Definition for Resolving Disjointness due to Subsomption +, Music Ontology +, News/8 + SubmittedBy


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