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  • 1991). New York USA: a resident is defined by “Regulation 105.20 (d)(1)” which stipu-lates
  • 2009). Germany: “a resident of Germany generally refers to an individual who has a dom-icile in Germany or spends more than six consecutive months in Germany (habitu-al place of abode)” (Seidel
  • 2011). As different cities have different definitions of Resident the design pattern must con-tain the properties required by each.
  • The definition of Resident varies from city to city and country to country. We use as our use cases definitions of Resident as provided by four cities: Toronto Canada: “you are identified as a resident if you reside in
  • feeling and permanent association. One must be domiciled in New York and maintain a home in New York
  • or own or operate a business in Toronto” ( or own or operate a business in Toronto” (311 Toronto). Beijing China: Beijing uses the Hukou system which is a household registration program that results in a government issued permit. Beijing residents are “all indi-viduals holding the nationality of the People’s Republic of China who [have]a domicile in Beijing and nowhere else. If the individual maintains a regular dwell-ing somewhere else intains a regular dwell-ing somewhere else
  • own property
  • the more regular dwelling is considered their place of resi-dence” (Li
  • the time spent in the State is irrelevant” (McGladrey
  • “the place which an individual intends to be his permanent home –the place to which he intends to return. It is the home with range of sentiment


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