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Name Adrian Walker
Language Executable English
Also known as Internet Business Logic
Intent Enable government and other web sites to answer an open ended collection of English questions, and also to explain the answers in English. Support government folks and citizens socially networking, Wikipedia-style, to continually expand the range of questions that can be answered.
Solution description The system -- online at -- accepts syllogism-like rules (in open vocabulary English), and small numbers of facts or RDF triples, typed or copy-pasted directly into a browser. One can then run the rules, again using a browser. For larger amounts of data, the system uses information in the rules to automatically generate and run SQL over networked databases. From a few highly declarative rules, the system typically generates SQL that would be too complicated to write reliably by hand. However, the system can explain its answers to English questions in step-by-step hypertexted English, at the business or scientific level. Shared use of the system is free, and there are no advertisements.
Description of the correspondence relation between the LSPs and the ODPs one LSP to one ODP
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Submitted by Adrian Walker


The Adrian Walker Lexico-Syntactic ODP includes the following cases (see also abbreviations and symbols used in LSP Formalization):

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