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General description

Name: ChessGame
Submitted by: AdilaKrisnadhi
Also Known As:
Intent: To model a flexible schema to allow exposing chess games as linked data.


Competency Questions:
  • List all moves in a Fools Mate game where black wins after 2 moves by both players?

What did Kasparov say about his opponent first two moves in his commentary about his game against Topalov in 1999 Tournament in Wijk aan Zee?

Who played against Kasparov in the round 1994 Linares tournament? Did (s)he play as a white or black player?

What is the first move taken by black player in the Sicilian Defence opening?

Solution description: This pattern represents a flexible schema for linked data querying of chess games. Players are modeled as AgentRole. In addition, notions such as chess moves, chess tournaments, as well as chess game annotation are included.
Reusable OWL Building Block: (868)
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