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LoopTask has Category:OntologyElement and is an element of Controlflow


Name: LoopTask

Type: owl:Class

Description: A loop task is a control task that has as successor an action -or complex- task that sequences at least two distinct activities sharing a minimal common set of properties -they have a MinimalCommonType. Notice that MinimalCommonType cannot be formalised as a first-order predicate, and then neither in OWL-DL. It can be considered a trivial guideline: when sequencing looped actions, choose a definite action class from the ground ontology.

Some relations typically hold for loop tasks. Exit condition can be used to state what deliberation task causes to exit the cycle; iteration interval can be used to state how much time should be taken by each iteration of the looped activity; iteration cardinality can be used to state how many times the action should be repeated.

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