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freshProp2 has Category:OntologyElement and is an element of EventCore


Name: freshProp2

Type: owl:ObjectProperty

Description: This property is artificially generated in order to express the following rule in OWL:  :Event(?x) ^ :hasSpatioTemporalExtent(?x,?w) ^ :subEventOf(?x,?y) ^ :Event(?y) ^ :hasSpatioTemporalExtent(?y,?z) -> :subSpatioTemporalExtentOf(?w,?z).

The rule is translated into two axioms:

1. :Event SubClassOf: :freshProp2 some Self

2. inverse (:hasSpatioTemporalExtent) o :freshProp2 o :subEventOf o :freshProp2 o :hasSpatioTemporalExtent SubPropertyOf: :subSpatioTemporalExtentOf

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