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EventObject has Category:OntologyElement and is an element of EventProcessing


Name: EventObject

Type: owl:Class

Description: An object that represents, encodes, or records an event, generally for the purpose of computer processing.

An event object may consist of an event object header and a body, where the header is defined as the part of the event object that can be interpreted by the event processing system, i.e. and event object needs to contain at least some information (e.g. with a known vocabulary) that can be used by the event processing system. Note that the open world assumption allows us to choose not to explicitly specify a header, despite the restriction that it exists.

An event object is either a complex event, i.e. an event object that has some relation (either through abstraction or componency) to other event objects, or a simple event.

An event object records information about an actual event, which is then by implication a documented event (i.e. participating in an event documentation situation).

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