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General description

Name: HazardousSituation
Submitted by: AgnieszkaLawrynowicz, IlonaLawniczak
Also Known As:
Intent: To model hazardous situations and their associated hazardous events with events' participating objects and the hazards the objects are exposed to with the exposure value.

General, Event Processing, Participation

Competency Questions:
  • What object (person or organization or equipment etc.) is exposed to a hazard?
  • To which hazard is exposed an object (person or organization or equipment etc.)?
  • Which hazardous events are associated with a hazardous situation?
  • What is the cause of a hazardous event?
  • What is the consequence of a hazardous event?
  • What is the value of exposure of an object being exposed to a hazard?
Solution description: The hazardous situation ontology design pattern provides a building block for modelling situations where one or more objects is exposed to one or more hazards to some extent (exposure value). Such situations have some cause that triggered enactment of a hazard. They also result in some consequences.

Hazardous situations appear across domains, e.g. in occupational safety and health domain or other domains that require risk assesement.

Reusable OWL Building Block: (839)
Scenarios: The farmer is spraying pesticides on the fields. He asked a student working on a farm for help in carrying pesticide sprayers and storage containers. In this situation, neither the farmer nor the student is wearing any personal protective equipment such as gloves or using any respirators. After 4 hours of spraying, the student developed skin irritation.
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