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General description

Name: LicenseLinkedDataResources
Submitted by: VictorRodriguezDoncel, MariCarmenSuarezFigueroa, AsuncionGomezPerez, MariaPoveda
Also Known As:
Intent: To provide a pattern for expressing rights on Linked Data Resources, understood as RDF triples, datasets or mappings.

These rights include intellectual property rights, database rights and the right of access, which can be limited by personal data protection laws and others. Rights expressions may assert, waive and license the rights, either conditionally or inconditionally, either to the public or to agents in particular.


Linked Data, Lincense

Competency Questions:
Solution description: -Adhere to the underlying structure present in other Rights Expression Languages

-Be able to represent existing known licenses (i.e. Creative Commons licenses etc.)

-Support database rights: extraction and re-utilization

-Support privacy law (personal data handling) and the right to access

-Support the intellectual property law rights: reproduction, distribution, transformation

-Support these right declarations: Unconditionally waiving rights, Restating that some rights are reserved, Licensing rights subject to conditions

-Supporting existing licensing practices for RDF resources

-Supporting these business models: Open data business models, Non open data business models, Hybrid models.

Reusable OWL Building Block: (0)
Consequences: A more precise attribution of rights expression to Linked Data
Scenarios: Declaring rights on both Linked Open Data and Linked Closed Data
Known Uses:
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