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Graphical representation


Image:MatlPropBasic resized.png

General description

Name: MaterialsProperty
Submitted by: CoganShimizu
Also Known As:
Intent: To capture the provenance an assertion about a material's properties as well as capture the particulars of the property itself.

Materials Science, Manufacturing

Competency Questions:
  • What is the temperature range where an ultimate tensile strength of x is valid for material y?
  • What materials give off a faint odor of burnt hair during a burn test?
  • Who established values in the range of x to y as the plane-strain fracture toughness for material z?
  • What plate materials have a crack growth rate less than x in air for a stress intensity range greater than y
  • a stress ratio of 0.3
  • and a crack plane orientation of L-T?
Solution description: This pattern provides an extensible and modular content ontology design pattern that captures materials properties, the governing conditions, and the asserting authority.
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The MaterialsProperty Content OP locally defines the following ontology elements:

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