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General description

Name: ModifiedHazardousSituation
Submitted by: Michelle Cheatham
Also Known As:
Intent: To modify the existing HazardousSituation ODP to additionally support proactive questions central to risk assessment and mitigation planning.
Competency Questions:
  • What is the consequence of exposing a particular object to a particular hazard for a particular amount of time?
  • What are the hazards to a particular object at a particular geographic location?
  • What hazards are capable of causing a given consequence?
  • What susceptibilities could result in negative consequences to an object exposed to a particular hazard?
  • What mitigation strategies could be used to effect exposure to a particular hazard?
Solution description: The entities Mitigation and Susceptibility, which are key concepts to model when dealign with risk assessment and mitigation planning, have been added to the pattern. An Object hasSusceptibility to an Amount of Exposure to a Hazard. A Mitigation can change the level of Exposure to a Hazard.
Reusable OWL Building Block: (765)
Consequences: The modified version of the hazardous situation pattern is not completely compatible with the original, due to changing the range of the involves property from Hazard to Exposure. This change could arguably be made to the original pattern as well.
Scenarios: A person who is lactose intolerant (a susceptibility) exposes herself to a hazard (eating ice cream) and experiences a consequence (stomach ache).
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