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General description

Name: Object with states
Submitted by: RaúlGarcía-Castro
Also Known As:
Intent: An object can have different states for which different restrictions apply. The goal of the pattern is to allow modelling the different states of an object and the restrictions on such object for its different states.


Competency Questions:
  • Objects must have a unique state
  • Object states must belong to a single collection of non-duplicate elements (i.e.
  • to a set)
  • The possible states are: StateA
  • StateB and StateC
  • An object can have three different states
  • Objects in StateA must have at least one value for property property1
  • Objects in StateB must have at most one value for property property2
  • Objects in StateC must have exactly one value for property property3
Solution description: The pattern contains three classes, one for representing objects, another for representing object states, and a third one for representing sets of states. Besides, it contains object properties for relating objects and states (which are subproperties of those defined in the Situation pattern [[1]]) and for relating states and sets of states (reused from the CollectionEntity pattern [[2]]) and a datatype property for defining the size of a set of states (reused from the Set pattern [[3]]).

For applying the pattern, first all the possible states of the object must be created as instances of the state class using the Value Partition pattern [4]. Then, different classes must be defined to represent the object in each of the states and state-specific restrictions must be applied to those classes; the object class must be defined as a disjoint union of these classes.

Reusable OWL Building Block: (888)
Consequences: The pattern requires modelling states as individuals instead of as literals.
Scenarios: A sample scenario is the following. A software defect created in an issue tracker must have a creator and be associated to a certain software product. Once it is checked that the defect is reproducible, it must be assigned to some developer and have a certain priority. However, before checking the defect reproducilibty the defect must not have either asignee or priority.
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The Object with states Content OP locally defines the following ontology elements:

ObjectProperty hasState (owl:ObjectProperty) Defines the state of an object.
hasState page
ObjectProperty isStateOf (owl:ObjectProperty) Defines the object that has an state
isStateOf page
Class Object (owl:Class) Objects are entities that have different states and that in each state different restrictions on their properties apply.
Object page
Class State (owl:Class) States are the different states that an object can have. States must belong to a single collection of non-duplicate elements (i.e., to a set).
State page
Class StateSet (owl:Class) State sets are sets of states (i.e., collections of non-duplicate states).
StateSet page

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Reviews about Object with states
Review article Posted on About revision (current is 11707)
AlessandroAdamou about Object with states 24565127 August 2013 1165011,650
BenedictoRodriguezCastro about Object with states 2 24565138 August 2013 1166711,667
BenedictoRodriguezCastro about Object with states 24565138 August 2013 1166711,667
RinkeHoekstra about Object with states 245651712 August 2013 1166711,667

This revision (revision ID 11707) takes in account the reviews: AlessandroAdamou about Object with states, RinkeHoekstra about Object with states, BenedictoRodriguezCastro about Object with states, BenedictoRodriguezCastro about Object with states 2

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