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hasParameterDataValue has Category:OntologyElement and is an element of Parameter


Name: hasParameterDataValue

Type: owl:DatatypeProperty

Description: Parametrizes values from a datatype. For example, a Parameter AgeForDriving hasParameterDataValue 18 on datatype xsd:int, in the Italian traffic code. In this example, AgeForDriving isDefinedIn the Norm ItalianTrafficCodeAgeDriving.

More complex parametrization requires workarounds. E.g. AgeRangeForDrugUsage could parametrize data value: 14 to 50 on the datatype: xsd:int. Since complex datatypes are not allowed in OWL1.0, a solution to this can only work by creating two 'sub-parameters': MinimumAgeRangeForDrugUsage (that hasParameterDataValue 14) and MaximumAgeRangeForDrugUsage (that hasParameterDataValue 50), which are components of the main Parameter AgeRangeForDrugUsage.

Ordering on subparameters can be created by using or specializing the object property 'precedes'.

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