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General description

Name: Reactor pattern
Submitted by: MonikaSolanki
Also Known As:
Intent: The remit of the reactor pattern is to enable the modelling of reactive processes that consume inputs and produce outputs under specific environmental conditions and on being triggered by certain events.
Competency Questions:
  • 1. What are the inputs consumed by a certain process?
  • 2. What environmental conditions need to hold for the process to get activated?
  • 3. What are the outputs produced by the process?
  • 4. Which event triggers a specific process?
  • 5. What is the measurement criteria for a specific parameter?
Solution description: The reactor pattern provides a building block for the ontological modelling of reactive processes. The pattern can be used across domains in scenarios where a reactor is used to run processes that consume inputs to produce outputs under controlled environmental conditions and when triggered by certain events. As an example, the pattern has been applied to the algal biomass domain to model the reactive process of algae cultivation.
Reusable OWL Building Block: (1020)
Consequences: The main advantage of this pattern is that its provides ontological

modelling capabilities for the inputs, outputs and environmental conditions that govern reactive processes across several domains, independent of modelling details of the actual reactor involved. This effectively caters for exposing a black box view of the process, which is very desirable when querying the model for consumption and production logistics of the process.

Scenarios: As an exemplifier for the reactor pattern, we present a use case fromthe domain of algal biomass. We employ the reactor pattern in anontology OntoMDL. The ontology models a process for algal biomasscultivation. OntoMDL implements the Minimum DescriptiveLanguage(MDL) standard prescribed by the AlgalBiomass Organisation(ABO) for algal operation. The set of descriptivemetrics recommended by MDL as inputs to the process are carbon, water, total infrastructure area, total energy, nutrients, consumables andlabour. Possible outputs from the process are algal constituentproducts, indirect algal products, uncaptured gas emission, liquidwaste output, solid waste output. Some environmental conditions thatmust hold for the algae to be harvested are, (1)The water must be in a temperature range that will support the specific algal species being grown.(2)The pH range for most cultured algal species should be between 7 and 9, with the optimum range being 8.2-8.7.The event that triggers of the algae cultivation is the addition of the source culture to the growing containers or reactors.
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The Reactor pattern Content OP locally defines the following ontology elements:

ObjectProperty definesCondition (owl:ObjectProperty)
definesCondition page
ObjectProperty hasEnvironemntalCondition (owl:ObjectProperty)
hasEnvironemntalCondition page
ObjectProperty hasInputParameter (owl:ObjectProperty)
hasInputParameter page
ObjectProperty hasMeasurement (owl:ObjectProperty)
hasMeasurement page
ObjectProperty hasOutputParameter (owl:ObjectProperty)
hasOutputParameter page
ObjectProperty hasProcessParameter (owl:ObjectProperty)
hasProcessParameter page
ObjectProperty triggeredBy (owl:ObjectProperty)
triggeredBy page
DatatypeProperty hasDescription (owl:DatatypeProperty)
hasDescription page
Class EnvironmentalCondition (owl:Class) An entity that represents the environmental condition
EnvironmentalCondition page
Class Event (owl:Class) An entity representing the event that triggers the process
Event page
Class InputParameter (owl:Class) An entity representing the input to a process
InputParameter page
Class OutputParameter (owl:Class) An entity representing the output to a process
OutputParameter page
Class Process (owl:Class) An entity representing a placeholder for a process.
Process page
Class ProcessParameter (owl:Class) An overarching entity representing the parameters defined for the process
ProcessParameter page
Class ReactiveProcess (owl:Class) An entity representing a reactive process
ReactiveProcess page

Additional information

The Reactor Pattern enables the modelling of processes that consume inputs and produce outputs under specific environmental conditions and on being triggered by certain events. Reactor pattern is a content ontology design pattern and is especially targeted towards modelling reactive processes with a black box view of the process.


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VojtechSvatek about Reactor pattern 245617131 August 2012 1117511,175
IonelVirgilPop about Reactor pattern 245616424 August 2012 1117511,175

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