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General description

Name: Region
Submitted by: AldoGangemi
Also Known As:
Intent: To represent and reason on values of attributes of things, by explicitly talking about the dimensions ("regions") of the attributes, which include those values.


Competency Questions:
  • What is the value for the attribute of that entity?
  • Which entities have a certain value on that parameter/attribute/feature?
Solution description: This pattern is a basic one, which allows to talk about attributes/parameters/dimensions, while still referring to their values. It creates a path from things to data values through 'regions' representing attributes.
Reusable OWL Building Block: (865)
Consequences: We can represent and reason on *any* kind of attributes, parameters, features, etc., which have a given set of values.

With the new OWL2 support for custom and complex datatypes, this pattern should be confronted with possible enrichments, or may be restricted to OWL1. Anyway, since datatypes cannot overlap with classes even in OWL2, it remains useful for the cases where the domain must be kept homogeneous.

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The Region Content OP locally defines the following ontology elements:

ObjectProperty hasRegion (owl:ObjectProperty) A relation between entities and regions, e.g. 'the number of wheels of that truck is 12'.
hasRegion page
ObjectProperty isRegionFor (owl:ObjectProperty) A relation between entities and regions, e.g. 'the color of my car is red'.
isRegionFor page
DatatypeProperty hasRegionDataValue (owl:DatatypeProperty) A datatype property that encodes values for a Region, e.g. a float for the Region Height.
hasRegionDataValue page
Class Region (owl:Class) Any region in a dimensional space (a dimensional space is a maximal Region), which can be used as a value for a quality of an Entity . For example, TimeInterval, SpaceRegion, PhysicalAttribute, Amount, SocialAttribute are all subclasses of Region.

Regions are not data values in the ordinary knowledge representation sense; in order to get patterns for modelling data, see the properties: representsDataValue and hasDataValue

Region page

Additional information

The region content ontology design pattern. This CP represents regions that are portions of a dimensional space which can be used as a value for a quality of an Entity. The CP is extracted from DOLCE + DnS Ultra Lite ontology.


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