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reengineeredFrom has Category:OntologyElement and is an element of ReportingNewsEvent

Name: reengineeredFrom

Type: owl:AnnotationProperty

Description: This annotation property should be assigned with a URI, which points to the concept schema, page, or anything else from which the annotated pattern was reengineered. If the source does not have any URI e.g., a printed book, this property value should provide information as precise as possible in order to identify the source. This property is alternative to the extractedFrom property because it is used when the pattern come from a concept schema which is not an owl ontology. For example content ontology design patterns, which are reengineered from data model patterns, rdf schemas, etc. should be annotatd with this property. E.g. The basicpersonalfoaf pattern is extracted from the rdf FOAF specification, hence the value for this annotation property is

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