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Description: In the Smart Energy domain, electric power systems can exchange electricity with other electric power systems. The electric energy can flow both ways in some cases (from the Public Grid to a Prosumer), or in only one way (from the Public Grid to a Load). Electric power systems can be made up of different sub-systems. Generic sub-types of electric power systems include producers, consumers, storage systems, transmission systems.

Electric power systems may be connected one to another at electrical connection points. An Electric power system may have multiple connection points (Multiple Winding Transformer generally have one single primary winding with two or more secondary windings). Generic sub-types of electrical connection points include plugs, sockets, direct-current, single-phase, three-phase, connection points.

An Electrical connection may exist between two Electric power systems through two of their respective connection points. Generic sub-types of electrical connections include Single-phase Buses, Three-phase Buses. A single-phase electric power system can be connected using different configurations at a three-phase bus (phase~1-to-neutral, phase~2-to-neutral, phase~3-to-neutral). Diagram (this article has no graphical representation) OWL file: OWL implemetation is missing. Please add it through the edit link.

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