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General description

Name: Situation
Submitted by: AldoGangemi
Also Known As: situation
Intent: To represent contexts or situations, and the things that are contextualized.


Competency Questions:
  • What is the context or situation of something? What are the things present in this context or situation?
Solution description: -
Reusable OWL Building Block: (1281)
Consequences: We can contextualize things that have something in common, or are associated: a same place, time, view, causal link, systemic dependence, etc.

We can also reify n-ary relations as situations.

Scenarios: The lecture was held in January 1921 by Bela Fleck, with some physicians in the audience making questions, in a very relaxed athmosphere.
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The Situation Content OP locally defines the following ontology elements:

ObjectProperty hasSetting (owl:ObjectProperty) A relation between entities and situations, e.g. 'this morning I've prepared my coffee with a new fantastic Arabica' (i.e.: (an amount of) a new fantastic Arabica hasSetting the preparation of my coffee this morning).
hasSetting page
ObjectProperty isSettingFor (owl:ObjectProperty)
isSettingFor page
Class Situation (owl:Class) A view on a set of entities. It can be seen as a 'relational context', reifying a relation.

For example, a PlanExecution is a context including some actions executed by agents according to certain parameters and expected tasks to be achieved from a Plan; a DiagnosedSituation is a context of observed entities that is interpreted on the basis of a Diagnosis, etc.

Situation is also able to represent reified n-ary relations, where isSettingFor is the top-level relation for all binary projections of the n-ary relation. If used in a transformation pattern for n-ary relations, the designer should take care of:

- creating only one situation for each instance of an n-ary relation, otherwise the 'identification constraint' (Calvanese et al., IJCAI 2001) could be violated

- adding an 'exact cardinality' restriction corresponding to the arity of the n-ary relation, otherwise the designer would actually represent a polymorphic relation.

Situation page

Additional information


(versionInfo): Created by Aldo Gangemi and Valentina Presutti



Scenarios about Situation
  • I prepared a coffee with my heater, 300 ml of water, and an Arabica coffee mix. >>>


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Modeling issues

Modeling issues about Situation
Modeling issue Competency question Domains
Situation classification What situations satisfy a certain description? What descriptions can be (partly) satisfied by that situation? What situations (partly) satisfying a certain description can emerge out of this dataset?


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