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General description

Name: Smart City Strategy Design
Submitted by: ArouaTaamallah
Also Known As:
Intent: This modular ODP is used for strategies design to transform a city to a smart one.

Smart City

Competency Questions:
  • How to model a city problems?

How to define a city vision? How to define mission(s) and value(s)? How to identify goals? How to define goals? How to identigy objectives and strategies? How to define objectives? How to formally design strategies for a city transformation? How to design projects for a smart city?

Solution description: Problem-Cause-Effect ODP is intended to model a city problems and analyse them with their related causes and effects. Problem-solution-vision ODP defines a city vision. Next, missions and values related to the vision are defined using vision-mission-value ODP. Mission-Goal ODP allows to identify goals related to each mission. After identifying goals, objectives and strategies are identified and aligned to goals using Goal-Objective-Strategy ODP. For a formal design of strategies, Strategy ODP is used. Projects that implement each strategy are defined and scheduled using Project ODP.
Reusable OWL Building Block: (695)
Scenarios: strategies design or planning; problem analysis, decision-making
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