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General description

Name: SpeciesEat
Submitted by: EvaBlomqvist
Also Known As:
Intent: The pattern intends to model the situation that a certain species feed upon other species and that some species are preyed upon by a certain species.
Competency Questions:
  • What species feed upon a certain species? What species are eaten by a certain species? What species is preyed upon by a certain species? What species preyes upon a certain species?
Solution description: ...
Reusable OWL Building Block: (763)
Scenarios: What species eat 'shrimp'; What species are eaten by 'seals'
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The SpeciesEat Content OP locally defines the following ontology elements:

Class AquaticSpecies (owl:Class) Aquatic species are conceptual entities that are characterized together with resources and water areas.

Mappable to fi:Species, fi:SpeciesRef, fi:SpeciesFeature, etc.

It has related axioms from FIGIS Schema that are included in the classes linked to the fi:Species class, such as fi:SpeciesRef (holding association with fi:AqResRef, which holds association with fi:WaterAreaRef).

AquaticSpecies page
ObjectProperty feedsUpon (owl:ObjectProperty)
feedsUpon page
ObjectProperty isPreyedUponBy (owl:ObjectProperty)
isPreyedUponBy page
ObjectProperty isFoodOf (owl:ObjectProperty)
isFoodOf page
ObjectProperty preyesUpon (owl:ObjectProperty)
preyesUpon page

Additional information



(hasUnitTest): SELECT ?x WHERE {?x a :AquaticSpecies.  ?x :feedsUpon :Shrimp. } SELECT ?x WHERE {?x a :AquaticSpecies.  :Shrimp :isEatenBy ?x. } SELECT ?x WHERE {?x a :AquaticSpecies.  ?x :isPreyedUponBy :Seals.} SELECT ?x WHERE {?x a :AquaticSpecies.  :Seals :preyesUpon ?x.}


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