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Name SynonymOrEquivalence (SOE)
Also known as
SubmittedBy Catherine Roussey, Oscar Corcho


Motivation We have identified a set of patterns that are commonly used by domain experts in their DL formalisations and OWL implementations, and that normally result in unsatisfiable classes or modelling errors. As aforementioned all these antipatterns come from a misuse and misunderstanding of DL expressions by ontology developers. Thus they are all Logical AntiPatterns (LAP): they are independent from a specific domain of interest, but dependent on the expressivity of the logical formalism used for the representation. We have categorized them into three groups:
Aim The ontology developer wants to express that two classes C1 and C2 are identical. This is not very useful in a single ontology that does not import others. Indeed, what the ontology developer generally wants to represent is a terminological synonymy relation: the class C1 has two labels: C1 and C2. Usually one of the classes is not used anywhere else in the axioms defined in the ontology.
Solution description C1 isEquivalentTo C2

The proposal for avoiding this antipattern is the following (if C2 is the less used term in the ontology) add all the comments and labels of C2 into C1 and remove C2

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Problem example Subterranean_Watercourses isEquivalentTo Subterranean_Rivers

see Corriente_Subterranea concept in Hydrontology

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MartaSabou about SynonymOrEquivalence (SOE) 24550838 September 2009 56175,617
GerdGroener about SynonymOrEquivalence (SOE) 24550838 September 2009 57095,709

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