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Current revision ID: 9135

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General description

Name: TimeIndexedSituation
Submitted by: AldoGangemi
Also Known As:
Intent: To represent time indexed situations.


Competency Questions:
  • At what time did a certain situation occur?
  • What situations occurred at a certain time?
Solution description: This pattern adds a time specification (the Time interval pattern) to the Situation pattern, in order to provide a handy solution to many cases.
Reusable OWL Building Block: (1010)
Consequences: We can represent situations that have an explicit time parameter.

In principle, this can be done already with the Situation pattern, but this provides a handy composition with the TimeInterval pattern.

Scenarios: Mustafa's address in 2005 was in Brussels
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The TimeIndexedSituation Content OP locally defines the following ontology elements:

ObjectProperty atTime (owl:ObjectProperty)
atTime page
ObjectProperty forEntity (owl:ObjectProperty)
forEntity page
ObjectProperty hasTimeIndexedSetting (owl:ObjectProperty)
hasTimeIndexedSetting page
ObjectProperty isTimeIndexFor (owl:ObjectProperty)
isTimeIndexFor page
Class TimeIndexedSituation (owl:Class) A Situation that is explicitly indexed at some time for at least one entity.
TimeIndexedSituation page

Additional information

A generic pattern usable for all situations that require a temporal indexing.


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