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General description

Name: time interval
Submitted by: ValentinaPresutti
Also Known As:
Intent: To represent time intervals.


Competency Questions:
  • What is the end time of this interval?
  • What is the starting time of this interval?
  • What is the date of this time interval?
Solution description: --
Reusable OWL Building Block: (1146)
Consequences: The dates of the time interval are not part of the domain of discourse, they are datatype values. If there is the need of reasoning about dates this Content OP should be used in composition with the region Content OP.
Scenarios: The time interval “January 2008” starts at 2008−01−01 and ends at and ends at 2008−01−31.
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The TimeInterval Content OP locally defines the following ontology elements:

Class Time Interval (owl:Class) Any region in a dimensional space that represents time.

TimeInterval page

DatatypeProperty has interval date (owl:DatatypeProperty) A datatype property that encodes values from xsd:date for a time interval; a same time interval can have more than one xsd:date value: begin date, end date, date at which the interval holds, as well as dates expressed in different formats: xsd:gYear, xsd:dateTime, etc.

hasIntervalDate page

DatatypeProperty has interval start date (owl:DatatypeProperty) The start date of a time interval.

hasIntervalStartDate page

DatatypeProperty has interval end date (owl:DatatypeProperty) The end date of a time interval.

hasIntervalEndDate page

Additional information

This Content OP can be composed with other Content OPs when temporal aspects need to be represented.


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