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Title: Autumn 2009 - ODPs@UPM
Author(s): EvaBlomqvist


Teaching ODPs in an ontology engineering course at UPM, Madrid.

Brief description

The ODP part of this course contains a 2 hour lecture on ODPs and a homework exercise. Instructions for the homework can be found below. Lecture slides are found under the heading "Resources".

Before the lecture:

Instructions for homework exercise:

  • Work in pairs of two students.
  • Study the Content ODPs in the catalogue (in this wiki, see menu on the left 'catalogues'->'Content ODPs'), decide which ones you want to use, download and reuse their OWL building blocks while modelling.
  • Try to apply the XD method if you find it useful to structure your work.
  • Either use the XD plugin for the NTK to find and get the patterns, or use the portal (the catalogue in this wiki) and just download the OWL-files, put them in your workspace folder, import them into your current ontology in the NTK and then specialize/compose etc. If you want to use the XD plugin some instructions can be found here.
  • Solve the modelling problem (see exercise below). The CQs and contextual statement are your requirements, the rest is just an example scenario description.
  • After working on the problem for 3 hours (or less if you finished the task already) save the OWL file and send it to me (evabl444<<at>>gmail<<dot>>com or eva<<dot>>blomqvist<<at>>istc<<dot>>cnr<<dot>>it). This helps us to see how difficult you found the exercise, to assess the size and difficulty of the task.
  • When you send your first version of the ontology, you will receive a short questionnaire back, this is for evaluating the course and your experience with using the patterns. Please fill it out individually and submit it to me by e-mail.
  • When you think you have finished the ontology, i.e. covered all the CQs and the contextual statement, send the final version of the OWL-file to me (e-mail see above).
  • Deadline for the final submission is December 16 at 1pm.



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