Training:ESWC2010 Tutorial 2 - Extreme Design (XD): Pattern-based Ontology Design

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Title: ESWC2010 Tutorial 2 - Extreme Design (XD): Pattern-based Ontology Design
Author(s): EvaBlomqvist, ValentinaPresutti


The tutorial has the following goals:

  • to teach ontology design principles and good practices;
  • to teach a pattern-based method (eXtreme Design - XD) for ontology design based on state of the art tools for ontology engineering and the dedicated XD tool;
  • to provide attendees with practical solutions that facilitate the task of designing high quality ontologies in Semantic Web projects;
  • to provide attendees with a method for evaluating ontologies against specific requirements;
  • to give the participants a brief experience in practical collaborative ontology design using XD.

Brief description

Our tutorial targets ontology designers, engineers, and practitioners (including generic skilled web users). The tutorial provides a method named eXtreme Design, based on good practices i.e., ontology design patterns, for the development of ontologies. We illustrate theoretical aspects of ontology design patterns, and analyse some relevant samples taken from a catalogue of ontology design patterns. The tutorial is hands-on driven, in the sense that it focuses on sessions with ontology design activities, performed by using the XD tool. As a final "exercise" the participants will collaboratively design a small ontology.

Prerequisites and material

Participants will be assumed to know the basics of the OWL and RDF languages. If you don't, we advice you to check out some online tutorials beforehand. However, you will be working in pairs during the practical parts, so there is always the opportunity to team up with someone more experienced.

You should bring your own laptop to the tutorial. Registered participants will be instructed via e-mail what software to install prior to the tutorial day. For trying out the XD tools specific software is needed, but in principle you can follow the tutorial using any OWL-compatible ontology design environment.


The tutorial is a full-day tutorial, with a morning session focusing on the basics of ontology design patterns (ODPs) and the eXtreme Design method and tools and an afternoon session consisting of a collaborative ontology design "project" solved by all the participants together. Please note that also the morning session will contain a lot of practical exercises, hence you will need your laptop (more detailed information on tools to install will be provided to registered participants).



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