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Competency questions (CQs) and contextual statements of music and bands

 1. What instruments does a certain person play?
 2. What are the members of a certain band during a certain time period?
 3. What role does a certain person have in a certain band during a certain time?
 4. During what time period was a certain album recorded?
 5. How many tracks does a particular album contain?
 6. When was a certain album released?
 7. What song is a specific track a recording of?
 8. When was a certain song composed?
 9. What does a certain critic say about a certain album?
10. When did a certain performance take place?
11. What songs were played in a certain performance?
12. Where did a certain performance take place?
13. In what region is a certain city located?
14. In what country is a certain region located?
 Contextual statement:
 1. An album always contains at least one track.
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