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Tutorial Training:NeOn 2008 Tutorial on Computational Ontologies
Title The male nurse union representative

To develop an OWL ontology starting from a use case.


The Italian Ministry of Health wants to monitor the roles taken by employees in hospitals, and is creating a semantic infrastructure for that purpose. The following story is typical of the facts to be represented in its knowledge base.


Pasquale Di Gennaro is the union representative for male nurses at Ospedale Riunito delle Tre Valli in Nocera Inferiore (IT) from 2002.

At least the following competency questions have to be covered

  • Who does represent a certain collective in a certain period?
  • When does a certain person play a certain role for that hospital?
  • For which hospital, in which city, a certain person has a certain role?
  • Where is a certain hospital?


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