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Tutorial Training:NeOn 2008 Tutorial on Computational Ontologies
Title Toys and Dolls

Design an ontology based on the following sentences:

  • Dolls are a kind of Toy
  • Young women are young persons and female
  • A young person cannot be both a young man and a young woman
  • Young person are either young men or young women"
  • Most famous dolls are Lenore and Emily"
  • Young women play with some doll"
  • Young women play with only most famous dolls"
  • Young man plays at least with one toy"
  • Clara is a young woman"
  • Clara and Laura are different individuals"
  • Lalu is the same person as Laura"
  • To dress a toy is a special case of playing, where the toy is a doll"

Then, complete the ontology: by adding some transitive properties by adding inverse properties


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