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Tutorial Training:PhD Course on Computational Ontologies @ University of Bologna
Title Hands-on (Day1): Toys and dolls

Important: Your model should be within OWL-DL. Treat the statements as the requirements of your model, they should all be explicitly represented. The result of your modelling should take into account mainly these requirements, but also the modelling "best practices" that have been taught in the course, e.g. appropriate naming of concepts.

Design an ontology containing statements representing the following sentences:

   * A doll is a kind of toy
   * Young women are defined as young persons that are also female
   * A young person cannot be both a young man and a young woman
   * Young persons are either young men or young women
   * Lenore and Emily are famous dolls
   * All young women play with some doll
   * Young women play only with famous dolls
   * Young men play with at least one toy
   * Clara is a young woman
   * Clara and Laura are different individuals
   * Lalu is the same person as Laura
   * To dress a toy is a special case of playing, where the toy is a doll
   * To be dressed by a young person is the inverse relation of a young person dressing a doll
   * To be ancestor of a person is a transitive relation that holds between persons


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