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Giulio and Yadary

Use the following template for each story you develop

Story title: Master Degrees

Depends on story(ies): none

Description Pasquale Di Gennaro first studied to become a nursing assistant, but after working some years he decided to continue studying to become a certified nurse. He took his degree in May 2001.

Competency questions

  1. What degree a person has?
  2. What hospital role a person has inside a certain hospital?
  3. What person have a certain degree?
  4. What person have a certain hospital role?
  5. When does a person acquires a certain degree?
  6. When does a person has a certain hospital role?
  7. What role a person has in a certain time interval?
  8. What degree a person has in a certain time interval?

Contextual statements

  1. A hospital professional has at least one degree.
  2. In a certain period of time, a person in a certain hospital has exactly one hospital role.

Reasoning Requirements


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