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Andrea and Antonio

Use the following template for each story you develop

Story title: Articles

Depends on story(ies): Article collections

Description The collection "Nurse practices in cancer patient care-longitudinal studies at Italian hospitals" contains an article by Pasquale Di Gennaro, entitled "A 5 year-program for improving cancer care - experiences and future directions". The article has 10 pages and was written in collaboration with Andrea Rospocher.

Competency questions

  1. What are the articles belonging to a certain collection?
  2. What is the title of an article collection?
  3. What are the article titles contained into an article collection?
  4. How many pages has an article?
  5. Who are the authors of an article?
  6. Who is the main author of an article?
  7. Who are the co-authors of a certain person?

Contextual statements

  1. An article collection has exactly one title.
  2. An article collection contains at least one article.
  3. An article has at least one author.
  4. An article has exactly one title.
  5. An article is composed by a number of pages.
  6. An article may be written in collaboration with other authors.

Reasoning requirements

  1. If two authors wrote a same article they are co-authors.


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