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Ornela and Alessandro

Use the following template for each story you develop

Story title: Article collections

Depends on story(ies): Articles

Description: To constantly update their knowledge both nurses and doctors read research articles that can be found in article collections at the hospital library. Article collections are usually available both as books and electronically CDs.

Priority: High

Competency questions

  1. What articles did a nurse or a doctor read?
  2. Which article collections can an article be found in? (need also reverse question)
  3. What article collections can be found in an hospital library? (need also reverse question)
  4. In what format (concrete realization) is available a certain article collection?

Contextual statements

  1. Article and ArticleCollection are disjoint.
  2. Nurse and Doctor are disjoint.
  3. ArticleCollection is disjoint from Book and CD.
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