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Testing Exercise - document your work on methods used
Number Requirement tested Method used Test applied Error(s) found Suggestions/ideas for solution Additional notes
1 Contextual Statement: A track has only one genre Unit test(Track, genre) Query:SELECT ?p ?y WHERE { ?p a :Track . ?p :genre ?y } The ontology does not guarantee the genre uniqueness of a track
2 Contextual Statement: A track realizes only one song Unit test(Track, recordingOf) Query:SELECT ?p ?y WHERE { ?p a :Track . ?p :recordingOf ?y } The ontology does not guarantee the uniqueness of song-track
3 CQ: What role does a certain person have in a certain band at a certain point in time? Ontology graph reasoning I cannot deduce the role of the band member, there is no trace of historical roles.

4 CQ: During what time period was a certain album of a certain band recorded? Ontology graph reasoning, property and dataProperty check There is not a well defined notion of time for a recorded album, albumRecordedIn is a property that seems suited for this but has not been defined accordingly (no domain or range), which could even lead to strange definitions by users of the ontology.

5 Reasoning requirement: attribute Genre to Band There is no (property/attribute) of type genre for a Band so it can be inferred
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