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Testing Exercise - document your work on methods used
Number Requirement tested Method used Test applied Error(s) found Suggestions/ideas for solution Additional notes
0 CQ1 1

SELECT ?p ?strument WHERE { ?p a :Person . ?p :playsInstrument ?strument }

none none none
1 CQ2 1

SELECT ?p ?band ?year_start ?year_end ?strument WHERE {

   ?p a mi:Person .

?band a mi:Band . ?timeindex a mi:TimeIndexedMembership . ?timeindex mi:band ?band . ?timeindex mi:member ?p . ?timeindex mi:membershipStartDate ?year_start . ?timeindex mi:membershipEndDate ?year_end .

       ? p mi:bassPlayerOf

} ... no way to express

no way to express the role of a person

design pattern : ObjectRole

2 RR1


created an instance of Track and of an album. Track is in that album. Defined the genre of track, album genre is not inferred by the reasoner.

Reasoners don't infer album genre. Possible error.

3 input of inchoerent data stress test Assign a genre to an object that should not have a genre Everything can have a genre (a guitar). Make various versions of genre relationship with specific domains, one for tracks, one for albums..
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