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Testing Exercise - document your work on methods used
Number Requirement tested Method used Test applied Error(s) found Suggestions/ideas for solution Additional notes
0 I asked for the names of the persons missing Johs Klinghoffer (guitar) simply add it
1 SELECT ?p ?y WHERE { ?p a :Person. ?p :playsInstrument ?y} no errors it reports the persons and the instruments they play
2 SELECT ?p ?y WHERE { ?p a musicindustry:Track . ?y a musicindustry:Song . ?p musicindustry:recordingOf ?y} Track and Song are empty I created Ornela1.owl and added 3 tracks and 3 songs and related with recordingOf and the query gave me the wright answer
3 SELECT ?p ?y WHERE { ?p a musicindustry:TimeIndexedMembership. ?y a musicindustry:Person . ?p musicindustry:member ?y} no errors gives the members of a certain band at a certain time
4 SELECT ?p ?y WHERE {?p a musicindustry:Person .?y a musicindustry:Band . ?p musicindustry:playsRoleInBand ?y} no errors gives the persons that play in a band
5 SELECT ?p ?y WHERE { ?p a musicindustry:Album . ?p musicindustry:releaseDate ?y} no instances in the Album I created Ornela2.owl and added 3 albums with the corresponding dates of their release and the sparql query gives me the result
6 SELECT ?p ?y WHERE {?p a musicindustry:Song . ?p musicindustry:compositionDate ?y} Song is empty I created Ornela3.owl and added 2 songs and the dates of composition; the query gives the wright answer
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