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Tutorial Training:Semantic Technologies in Practice PhD course in Linköping 2012
Title XD collaborative OE

Create an ontology together. Document your progress on the wiki page of your pair.

Requirements are organized in customer stories with priority. Each pair develop one story at a time.


A European federation of unions in the medial care field wants to track the activities and members of union groups at hospitals in different European countries. One particular use case is to be able to study what kind of medical research is going on at the different hospitals, and how the nurses and doctors with different backgrounds update their knowledge and continue to learn while practicing at the hospital.


Follow the XD methodology. You will receive the stories from the customer (the teachers). Each design pair of each team picks up one story at a time from the customer. The stories are ordered according to priority, and have to be implemented in that order, i.e., all "high-priority" stories have to be covered first, before any "medium-priority" stories are picked up.


Collaboratively develop an ontology from a set of customer stories by applying the XD method.


The Content ODP list:

A shorter list of potentially useful patterns is at the bottom os this page:

Write any general design decisions/conventions here:


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