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Employment in hospitals

On September 21 (2001) Pasquale Di Gennaro was employed at Ospedale Riunito delle Tre Valli in the city of Nocera Inferiore (IT), and he has been working there ever since.

Competence questions

  • When did a specific person started working in a specific hospital?
  • In which city is placed a specific hospital?
  • Where does a specific person work?
  • When did a specific person start working and where is he working now?

Contextual statement

  • Every person with an employment has at least one employer
  • Every hospital is located in one city
  • Every city is located in one country
  • Every employment has starting date and end date

Reasoning requirements

  • Given a hospital, we get all employees
  • Given two dates, we can get all employees working at that time
  • Given a country, we can get all the hospitals


We reused the following design pattern:

We import foaf in order to reuse foaf:person:

Basic modelling steps:

  • We define a Employment class that reuses time, place and person in order to show how a person is employed during a time interval in a workplace.
  • Reusing the place pattern, we define city, country and workplace. Hospital was defined as subclass of workplace. A workplace is located in a city, a city is located in a country (place:isLocationOf).

SELECT ?person ?workplace WHERE { ?person a foaf:Person . ?employment employment:has_Employee ?person . ?employment place:hasWorkPlace ?workplace }

Ontology (including integrated ontology MedicalDegree and Employment): [4]

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