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First name Jim
Last name Hicinbothom
Email address -
Personal web site -
Organization Expertise Applications, Inc.
Organization type
Organization web site
Country United States United States (US)
Role in the organization Developer


Main motivation for joining ODP community: I've been developing ontologies and related knowledge representations and KR languages since the 1980's. The company I've recently founded is dedicated to creating more intelligent software applications capable of significant autonomy (e.g., for robotic systems and vehicles needed for work in dirty, dangerous, risky work environments, etc.). This is, so to speak, "my bread and butter". I'm trying to encourage emerging developers to treat ontology development like software engineering and to adapt and apply similar lightweight XD practices to this emerging industry.

Possible main contribution to ODP community: To have some help to solve modeling problems, To help other users to solve modeling problems

Domains of interest:

Is expert of:

How did I know about ODP: conference/public events, colleagues, surfing the web

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