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First name João
Last name Quintas
Email address -
Personal web site -
Organization Instituto Pedro Nunes
Organization type Non Governmental Organization and Association
Organization web site
Country Portugal (PT)
Role in the organization


Main motivation for joining ODP community: I'm currently finishing my PhD where I've been working in the Human Machine Interaction domain. In the scope of my work I noticed that there is a lack of an ontology representation that captures the information associated with this domain. Therefore, part of my work is dedicated to propose an information model for Context-Aware Human Machine Interaction framework, using ontologies to improve integration and interoperability between different robotic system deployments. This is also interesting to explore the path towards cloud robotics applications. I'm interested in sharing the resources I'm working on, which might be useful to others working in the same field.

Possible main contribution to ODP community: To have some help to solve modeling problems, To help other users to solve modeling problems

Domains of interest:

Is expert of:

How did I know about ODP: conference/public events, surfing the web

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