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First name Sandy
Last name Klausner
Email address -
Personal web site
Organization Coretalk Corporation
Organization type Non Governmental Organization and Association
Organization web site
Country United States United States (US)
Role in the organization Researcher


Main motivation for joining ODP community: To gather further knowledge as to the requirements for "ontology design patterns" to assure that our Cubicon technology fully supports these capabilities in a meta-infrastructure in a new 'Smart Web' Internet substrate, 'meta-patterns' way beyond what can be supported under the W3C Semantic Web RDF/OWL specifications. See: for one use case, the Internet of Things. Please contact me for more information: Sandy Klausner, Founder & CEO,

Possible main contribution to ODP community:

Domains of interest:

Is expert of:

How did I know about ODP: surfing the web

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