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Submission Instructions for WOP 2020

This page contains instructions for submitting to WOP 2020. There are three categories of papers:

  • Research papers (maximum 15 pages LNCS style): Submitted through EasyChair
  • Short papers (maximum 5 pages LNCS style): Submitted through EasyChair
  • Ontology Design Patterns (5-12 pages LNCS style): Submitted through EasyChair and through the ODP community portal, as described below.

Research and Short Paper Submissions

We invite the submission of original research results related to the focus areas of the workshop. Research papers (maximum 15 pages LNCS style) should present mature work and document established results. Short papers (maximum 5 pages LNCS style) should present proposed research directions, novel ideas, or more general positions or discussions.

Submission guidelines

  • Research papers should be no longer than 15 pages (including references), following the Springer LNCS formatting style (see LNCS style templates). Note that papers not adhering to the style guidelines or the maximum page limit will be rejected without review.
  • Short papers should be no longer than 5 pages, following the same template.
  • Submissions should be in English, and non-native speakers are encouraged to seek assistance from native English speakers to ensure the correct language.
  • Submission of the papers should be done through https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=wop2020.

Review process and publication

Each paper will be reviewed by at least two reviewers. Final accept/reject decisions are made by the chairs based on these reviews. Acceptance is conditional, meaning that only accepted papers that perform the changes requested by the reviewers (this will be checked carefully by the chairs) and where at least one author registers for the workshop, will be included in the proceedings and in the workshop program. These papers will be made available online from the workshop webpage. Please note that ISWC usually does NOT allow "workshop-only" registrations, i.e. registering for the workshop will therefore require registering for the main conference + WOP.

Instructions for accepted papers, presentations, and post-proceedings will be provided later.

Detailed Instructions for Pattern Submissions

We invite the submission of new Ontology Design Patterns. Submissions will be composed of a pattern and a short paper (between 5 and 12 pages in LNCS style) describing the pattern, the problem it solves, the design rationale, trade-offs, real-world uses (if any) or other evaluation of fitness, etc.

The following is a list of detailed instructions that authors have to take into account in order to submit their patterns:

  • Request an account at the ODP portal, in case you do not have already one. Note that account requests are processed by hand, so do this step with a few days to spare before the submission deadline.
  • Go to the ODP portal pattern submission page.
  • Submit your pattern by following the instructions, and make sure you enter as much information about your pattern as possible (clarity and completeness of the information will be a review criteria for patterns), i.e. fill out all applicable fields.
  • Once created, edit your pattern page (edit tab at the top of the page), and under the "Submit for event" tab enter "WOP:2019".
  • Go back to this page and check that your pattern appears in the table below.
  • Write a document briefly describing your pattern (between 5 and 12 pages, depending on the complexity or topic of the pattern, in LNCS style), and submit this pattern description through https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=wop2020.
  • If you are experiencing any problems, or have questions about how to submit patterns, please contact the chairs.

Review Process

Each submission will be reviewed by at least two members of the PC. Your pattern will be reviewed based on the following set of criteria:

  • the practical utility and reusability of the pattern by a community,
  • the relevance of the problem addressed by the pattern,
  • if the pattern encodes some best practice within a community,
  • the degree to which the pattern has seen real-world use or otherwise has been evaluated for fitness,
  • and the completeness and clarity of the pattern submission, i.e., if all fields in the community portal have been filled and all aspects properly explained.

Accepted patterns have to be improved based on the review comments, i.e., an update of the patterns in the ODP portal is mandatory. Accepted patterns will be presented at the workshop as posters in the pattern session.

Detailed Instructions for Paper Presentation Video Submissions

Below are instructions on creating your "mandatory" video presentation using ZOOM. Please be aware there are other tools available to produce the presentation videos that you may use if you prefer to do so.

General Instructions and Information:

  • Download Zoom (https://zoom.us/download) and install the Zoom Client for Meetings.
  • Create a Zoom account if needed.
  • Play your video several times to make sure that it is within the chairs' time frames for your submission.
    • Each paper - 15 minutes Video Presentation. All the questions will be discussed in the Q&A session.
  • Turn on Automatic recording after signing in to your Zoom account on the webpage. Click Settings -> Recording.
  • Start your presentation
  • Video/audio: make sure that you are using a computer with a camera (either an embedded front-face camera or a connected camera) and microphone (built-in or connected).
  • Select the correct options (Video and Audio) in the Settings in the Zoom client. Start the application for slides presentations such as PowerPoint or Keynote. Open the Zoom client and sign in to your account. Click New Meetings. Make sure that local recording starts automatically. If not, you can manually turn it on.
  • Make sure your microphone is not muted and your video is started.
  • Share your screen
  • Click Share Screen and select the presentation application, e.g., PowerPoint or Keynote.
  • Do not share the entire desktop. Do not select Share computer sound or Optimize Screen Share for Video Clip.
  • Upload the video (the submission link will be shared via emails).
  • On or before October 30th, 2020 (EOD, any timezone)

The video you are recording should always include a small picture-in-picture window with you inside, e.g., in the upper right corner of the screen, to make it look professional.


  • The video resolution is at least 720p
  • The video format is .mp4 or .m4v format, optimized for streaming; the Video Codec is H.264 and the Audio Codec is AAC+ or AAC. MPEG4 PART 10 or AVC
  • Audio and video tracks are in sync at all times
  • Included a picture-in-picture video window of the presenter throughout the video
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