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OntologyDesignPatterns.org is a Semantic Web portal dedicated to ontology design patterns (ODPs), run by the ODPA.

The portal was started under the NeOn project.

NeOn project
NeOn project

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List of Patterns
You can find lists here, detailing all available ontology design patterns.
Pattern types
Ontology patterns are of several types. Here are details about pattern types and their taxonomy.
Ontology patterns can cover, or be related to, a particular domain. Here is a list.
Modeling Issues
See all loaded modeling issues. Modeling issues are linked to ontology patterns that solve a defined problem.
Training Area
Learn about ODPs!
See a list of events related to ontology design patterns.
Here you can browse both open reviews and quality committee reviews.
Submit Pattern
Start here if you want to submit an ontology pattern.
Post Modeling Issue
If you have an unsolved modeling problem you wish to share with the community, post it here!
Submit an Exemplary Ontology
Start here if you want to submit an exemplary ontology.
Post Review About a Pattern
Review a submission to contribute to the certification process.
Post Your Feedback
If you have issues about the web site, can't find information you need, or simply wish to propose enhancements, you can give feedback here about the ODP portal.
Request Account
To make changes to the ODP wiki portal, you need to be logged in...
Latest ODP News!
Forming the ODPA

8 April 2016 19:19:58 - by EvaBlomqvist

Pattern Camp - Paris

22 November 2011 08:08:23 - by EvaBlomqvist

… further results

Help Catalogues About the initiative
About ODP
Information about the ODP portal.
How to register?
How to register for an account.
What is a pattern?
If you don't know what we are talking about, this page is a starting point.
How to post a pattern
This page explains how to post a pattern to the ODP portal.
What is an exemplary ontology?
This page gives criteria for exemplary ontologies.
How to submit an exemplary ontology.
This page explains how to submit an exemplary ontology to the ODP portal.
Training Area
Learn about ODPs!
Users' Feedback
This is the list of feedback, bug reports, and proposals from the community.
This is the catalogue of all submitted ODPs.
Certified content OP
Due to come!
Exemplary Ontologies
This is the catalogue of Exemplary Ontologies.
Quality committee
People who are members of the quality committee.
Partners of the ODP initiative.
All news

There is much more... Check out the about ODP page for more information on the portal content and structure.

If you have no idea what we are talking about, visit the "What is a pattern?" page.
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