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GerdGroener about DisjointnessOfComplement (DOC) +good
GerdGroener about Inverse n-ary relationship +high
GerdGroener about SimpleOrAggregated +good
GerdGroener about Standard Enforcer Pattern +The pattern is relevant.
GerdGroener about SynonymOrEquivalence (SOE) +Definitely relevant for the community.


HenrikEriksson about Partition +Relevant, but somewhat trivial.


JoseEmilioLabraGayo about LicenseLinkedDataResources +The pattern can be applied to any context.


KarlHammar about LicenseLinkedDataResources +The problem the pattern addresses (expressing actor- or context-specific licensing details for RDF data) seems to be highly relevant in the future Semantic Web.


MariCarmenSuarezFigueroa about ConceptTerms +This kind of linguistic information includes in ontologies is relevant for many proposes. However, the pattern would have more impact if it be extracted or related to already existing models that are in use.
MariaPoveda about OOPMetrics +Good
MariaPoveda about Template Instance +Good
MariaPoveda about TransportPattern +Fair
MartaSabou about Term-based thesaurus to lightweight ontology – record-based model +High.
MathieuDAquin about ConceptGroup +Not clear to me.
MathieuDAquin about DisjointnessOfComplement (DOC) +As an anti-pattern, maybe.
MathieuDAquin about Xsd:sequence embedding +I guess it is relevant in the proposed scenario.


OlafNoppens about Inverse n-ary relationship +good
OlafNoppens about Literal Reification +high
OlafNoppens about Symmetric n-ary relationship +high


PierluigiMiraglia about Term-based thesaurus to lightweight ontology – record-based model +In my experience, the problem addressed looms large in the community, and is likely to remain central as more organizations adopt semantic technologies.


RimDJEDIDI about Classification scheme - adjacency list model - to Taxonomy +the intent of the pattern targets a relevant problem in re-engineering non-ontological resources which is how to re-engineer an adjacency list model? However, it needs to include more related issues.
RinkeHoekstra about Object with states +The pattern, and its subject, is very relevant for the community as it is a very often occurring pattern in ontology engineering and modeling in general.
RinkeHoekstra about PeriodicInterval +High


StefanoDavid about NegativePropertyAssertions +medium
StefanoDavid about OnlynessIsLoneliness (OIL) +Medium/High, since the wrong use and the misuse of disjointness is often difficult to spot.
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