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GerdGroener about Standard Enforcer Pattern +see comments above regarding Figure 1
GerdGroener about SynonymOrEquivalence (SOE) +Figures are missing.


HenrikEriksson about Partition +Currently, no figures.


JoseEmilioLabraGayo about LicenseLinkedDataResources +The figures are clear. Although, it would be interesting that the authors had provided some good example.


KarlHammar about LicenseLinkedDataResources +My preference would be for ODP illustrations in the portal to not only illustrate the pattern structure itself, but also illustrate a usage example. This pattern is however not unique in not doing so (in fact, most don't).


MariaPoveda about OOPMetrics +The figure could be improved by including the datatype properties.
MariaPoveda about Template Instance +Good
MariaPoveda about TransportPattern +There is no diagram nor illustration.
MartaSabou about Partition +None provided.
MartaSabou about SynonymOrEquivalence (SOE) +None provided.
MartaSabou about Term-based thesaurus to lightweight ontology – record-based model +Yes.
MathieuDAquin about ConceptGroup +OK.
MathieuDAquin about DisjointnessOfComplement (DOC) +No.


OlafNoppens about Literal Reification +good - I suggest as mentioned above that the desription and the figures make a reference to rules / SWRL


RimDJEDIDI about Classification scheme - adjacency list model - to Taxonomy +Figures are clear however, the diagram illustrating the re-engineering process are incomplete and should include the recursive mechanism (2.3.3 step) and the final step of creating the hierarchy's root.
RinkeHoekstra about OOPMetrics +Yes
RinkeHoekstra about Object with states +Yes
RinkeHoekstra about PeriodicInterval +Yes


StefanoDavid about NegativePropertyAssertions +None provided
StefanoDavid about OnlynessIsLoneliness (OIL) +None provided


TimLebo about LicenseLinkedDataResources +Does the diamond in the UML diagram betwee Does the diamond in the UML diagram between RightsExpression and License/Contract indicate aggregation? Nothing is defined in the OWL representation except for a subclass relationship. This seems to be contradictory. The paper did not define the prefix "gr", which was fortunately defined at The properties "hasCurrency" and "hasCurrencyValue" in the example did not have prefixes, so I had to presume they were Good Relations properties. The namespaces in the OWL representation seem to be inconsistent. In the paper, the following classes use the same prefix, but they do not share the same namespace (, //


ValentinaPresutti about Context Slices +yes
ValentinaPresutti about NegativePropertyAssertions +poor
VioletaDamjanovic about Classification scheme - path enumeration model - to Taxonomy +It is clear.
VojtechSvatek about Classification scheme - adjacency list model - to Taxonomy +Clear, and a bit trivial.
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