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Scenario This property is used for describing examples of instantiation of the Content OP. For example, for the part of Content OP (which represents part-whole relations) a possible scenario is the sentence: "the brain is part of the human body". Scenarios are expressed as natural language sentences. The value of this property is of type Text.

This property is a subproperty of PatternProblemExample.

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AcademicRoles +Enrico Motta is the coordinator of the NeOn project
ActingFor +Matteo Sanvitale is working as an officer for CEMA s.r.l.
Action +The action of making coffee is dependent on the action of buying coffee., The action of making coffee is 'completed'., The consequence of making coffee is drinking coffee.,
ActivitySpecification +This pattern is applicable for a wide range of scenarios. In essence, for the formalization of any activity prec for the formalization of any activity precondition/effect. For example: -My car must have gas (an manifestation of a specific vehicle should have gas) before I can drive to work (the manifestation should exist at some time before the drive to work activity occurs) -An effect of my driving to work is that I am at work and so is my car. ork is that I am at work and so is my car.
Actuation-Actuator-Effect +A light switch has an impact on the luminosity when it is toggled
AffectedBy +A room (feature of interest) has a temperature (quality) and this temperature is affected by the air conditioner status, by the number of people in the room, and by the sun radiation that passes through the room’s windows. A basement (feature of interest) has a temperature (quality) that is affected by the air conditioner status,
AgentRole +She greeted us all in her various roles of mother, friend, and daughter.
AlgorithmImplementationExecution +Consider a scenario in machine learning (M Consider a scenario in machine learning (ML) domain. The scenario deals with a machine learning task completion and it is based on an example derived from the OpenML portal ( <br /> There is an ML Task <code>:task29</code> which is a supervised classification task defined on the dataset <code>:credit-a</code>. This task is achieved by the Execution <code>:run100241</code> which executes the Implementation <code>:wekaLogistic</code> of the Algorithm <code>:logisticRegression</code>. <br />The Implementation <code>:wekaLogistic</code> has five hyperparameters (Parameter): <code>:wekaLogisticC</code> ): <code>:wekaLogisticC</code>, <code>:wekaLogisticDoNotCheckCapabilities</code>, <code>:wekaLogisticM</code>,
An Ontology Design Pattern for Activity Reasoning +Activity or task planning. Help find out w Activity or task planning. Help find out which activities should be completed before other activities.Activity decomposition. Find out what are the sub-activities that constitute the super activity.Spatiotemporal queries. Find out the activities that happen at particular locations and time. t happen at particular locations and time.
AquaticResourceObservation +The aquatic resource for Skipjack tuna in Northern Atlantic in 2004 (as reported in 2008) was observed with low abundance level.
AquaticResources +give me the Species for water area 24; give me the Water areas for species Gadus morhua.


Bias Event Pattern +While the Bias Event ODP presented in this work is intended to be used with any machine learning pipeline, our use case is motivated by the surge of fake news classification systems.
Biological Entities +TestScenario1, TestScenario2
Born Digital Archives +<ul><li>Series A has part file B.</li><li>Fonds C has part Series A.</li><li>File D has creator John Smith.</li></ul>


Complaint Design Pattern +A complaint refers to the narrated facts of an agent, grounded with a motive and a request, through a specific medium (used to generate the complaint document),
Chemical Compound and Chemical Functional Group Ontology +structure classification
City Resident Pattern +The definition of Resident varies from city to city and country to country. We use as our use cases definitions of Resident as provided by four cities: Toronto Canada: “you are identified as a resident if you reside in, own property, or own or operate a business in Toronto” ( or own or operate a business in Toronto” (311 Toronto). Beijing China: Beijing uses the Hukou system which is a household registration program that results in a government issued permit. Beijing residents are “all indi-viduals holding the nationality of the People’s Republic of China who [have]a domicile in Beijing and nowhere else. If the individual maintains a regular dwell-ing somewhere else intains a regular dwell-ing somewhere else,
Classification +Mac OSX 10.5 is classified as an operating system in the Fujitsu-Siemens product catalog.
ClimaticZone +Give me the resource observations where the zone is 'Tropical'
Co-participation +Mike and Greta had a great fun together, Aldo Gangemi and Valentina Presutti co-participate at the ISWC 2007 conference.
Cognitive Characteristics Ontology +User Profiling
Collection +My saxophone collection includes a Mark VI tenor, a Balanced Action alto, and a Conn Transitional bari.
CollectionEntity +The Louvre Aegyptian collection.
CommunicationEvent +A sales call between John at company x and Mary at company y took place on January 7 2009. In the call John had the role of seller and Mary the role of buyer. The call was made in the context of the long-term relation between comanies x and y, where x is the subcontractor of y. The purpose of the call was to agree on a price for a particular order item., In todays boardmeeting John was elected chairman of the meeting,
Componency +The turbine is a proper part of the engine, both are parts of a car. Furthermore, the engine and the battery are proper parts of the car.
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