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CoversRequirement This property indicates a competency question expressed in natural language, that is covered by the Content Ontology Design Pattern. The value of this property is of type Text.

This property is a subproperty of Property:PatternProblem.

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CollectionEntity +Which collection this entity is member of?, Which are the members of this collection?
CommunicationEvent +What is the status of this event?, What is the purpose of this communication?, What are the valid contact mechanisms for this communication?,
Componency +What is this object component of? What are the components of this object?
ComputationalEnvironment +Our goal was to arrive at an ontology desi Our goal was to arrive at an ontology design pattern that is capable of answering the following competency questions: – What environment do I need to put in place in order to replicate the work in Paper X? – There has been an error found in Script Y. Which analyses need to be re-run? – Based on recent research in Field Z un? – Based on recent research in Field Z, what tools and resources should new students work to become familiar with? – Are the results from Study A and Study B comparable from a computational environment perspective?
Computer System +<p><i>What is currently instal <p><i>What is currently installed in a computer?</i> A computer uses specific pieces of hardware and software.</p> <p><ul><li><i>What software or hardware is required so that some other software or hardware can operate properly?</i> This relationship is represented with properties requiresSoftware and requiresHardware.</li></ul></p> <p><ul><li><i>What software or hardware is compatible with other software or hardware?</i> This is expressed via the isCompatibleWith relationship.</li></ul></p> ationship.</li></ul></p>
ConceptTerms +How to distinguish a preferred term or label from synonyms in order to name a concept?, How to enable cross language searching?, How to allow adding properties on term?
Constituency +Which are the constituents of this entity?, What does this entity is constituent of?
Course +• What is the course name? • What is the course number? • Who is the instructor of the course? • Who is taking the course?
Criterion +What criterion is applied to a given thing?, What satisfies this criterion?, What thing is this criterion applied for?
CriterionSetter +What defines this criterion?, Are there any criterion setters that determine this thing (or this domain)?, What criterion is defined by given criterion setter?,


DOLCE+DnS Ultralite +What are the basic conceptual distinctions What are the basic conceptual distinctions for designing an ontology? What participates in what event? What is the localization of what? What is part of what? What follows what? What is expressed by what? What are the members of what? What is this about? What is the attribute of what? What value has this attribute? What realizes that information? What overlaps/is near to what? What concept is specialized by what? What concept classifies what entity? What are the entities in the setting of that situation? What description is satisfied by what situation? escription is satisfied by what situation?
Description +Which are the assumptions under which a certain thing is described?, Which are the concepts involved in the description of a certain thing?, What is the interpretation of this case/event/observation?
Description in Range +What are the descriptions related to a particular entity?, What entities are described in terms of a particular concept?, How the concepts involved in the description of a certain entity have been restricted within particular bounds?
DetectorFinalState +Retrieve all analyses that veto extra leptons. Retrieve all analyses that used jets in the final state. Retrieve all analyses requireing particles to have an invariant mass near the Z pole. Retrieve all analyses requiring large missing energy.
DigitalVideo +<i>What does a digital video file co <i>What does a digital video file consist of?</i> A digital video file usually consists of one or more streams. These streams are compressed using codecs (coder-decoder) and wrapped into a container. <ul><li><i>What types of streams exist in a video file?</i> Video streams audio streams and subtitle streams. A video file has at least one video stream and may also have any number and any type of other streams.</li></ul> <ul><li><i>What types of codecs exist?</i> Video and audio codecs.</li></ul> eo and audio codecs.</li></ul>
Disposition +What is the triggering process for a given disposition? (e.g., a dose of penicilin can unfold its antibiotic disposition when being swallowed) What is the realization of a given disposition? (e.g., developing a fever,


EEP +CQ1: What are the observations/actuations performed by a given procedure?, CQ2: What are the observations/actuations performed by a given sensor/actuator?, CQ3: What are the procedures implemented by a given sensor/actuator?,
Event Model F +Who or what participated in this event?, What other events caused this event?
EventCore +Where and when did the 1990 World Chess Championship Match take place?, Who were involved in the 1990 World Chess Championship Match?
EventProcessing +What event objects are this complex event object and abstraction of?, What is the header/body of this event object?, What are the parts of this composite event object?,
Experience & Observation +In what ways can one person be engaged in In what ways can one person be engaged in a single activity? - What personal observations were produced by reflecting upon an activity being carried out? - Which activities performed by someone have prompted an observation from that person and which haven't? vation from that person and which haven't?


Food Recipe Ingredient Substitution Ontology Design Pattern +<ul> <li> What ingredient is b <ul> <li> What ingredient is being replaced with another ingredient or a set of ingredients? </li> <li> What are the dietary features of the ingredient? </li> <li> What are the food technology features of the ingredient? </li> <li> What are nutrition values the ingredient has? </li> <li> What is the quantity of the ingredient being processed in the recipe? What is the unit of the quantity?</li> <li> What is the objective of ingredient substitution? </li> <li> What conditions (dietary and technological) are specified for selecting the target ingredient? </li> <li> How is the ingredient processed in the given recipe? </li> <li>What is the ratio for substitution of one ingredient into another? </li> <li>What ingredient substitutions are possible in the recipe? </li> <li> What ingredient substitutions are available in the recipe given dietary constraints? </li> <li>What are available substitutes for a given food item? What are substitutes for the ingredient in the recipe? </li> </ul> ent in the recipe? </li> </ul>


GO Top +What are the possible most general supertypes for any type from the gene-related domain?, What entity is part of another entity in the gene-related domain?
GUM-Space +What is the specification of spatial posit What is the specification of spatial positions of entities? What parts can spatial motions describe? What is the difference between static and dynamic spatial situations? Where is somebody moving or where is somebody moving something else? Is there a change in motion or re-orientation? What kind of spatial activity is performed? What are the differences of spatial positions t are the differences of spatial positions, locations, and places? What are the differences of kind of directions,
GearSpecies +what type of fishing gear can catch what aquatic species?
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