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submittedBy. This property indicates the ODP user who submitted either a Proposed Content OP, a Content OP, a Modeling Issue, or a Feedback. The value of this property are of type ODPUser.This is a property of type Page

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AlessandroAdamou about OnlynessIsLoneliness (OIL) +AlessandroAdamou  +
AlessandroAdamou about Reactor pattern +AlessandroAdamou  +
AlessandroAdamou about Symmetric n-ary relationship +AlessandroAdamou  +
AlgorithmImplementationExecution +AgnieszkaLawrynowicz  +, DiegoEsteves  +, PancePanov  +,
An Ontology Design Pattern for Activity Reasoning +YingjieHu  +
AndreaNuzzolese about Faceted Classification Scheme +AndreaNuzzolese  +
AndreaNuzzolese about Normalization +AndreaNuzzolese  +
AndreaNuzzolese about Reactor pattern +AndreaNuzzolese  +
Aquatic Resource Observation +AldoGangemi  +
AquaticResourceObservation +AldoGangemi  +
AquaticResources +AldoGangemi  +
Association Ontology +BobFerris  +
Auriol Degbelo +AuriolDegbelo  +


Bag +EvaBlomqvist  +
BasicPlan +AldoGangemi  +
BasicPlanExecution +AldoGangemi  +
BenedictoRodriguezCastro about Object with states +BenedictoRodriguezCastro  +
BenedictoRodriguezCastro about Object with states 2 +BenedictoRodriguezCastro  +
BenedictoRodriguezCastro about Template Instance +BenedictoRodriguezCastro  +
BenedictoRodriguezCastro about TransportPattern +BenedictoRodriguezCastro  +
Bias Event Pattern +MayraRusso  +
Biological Entities +ValentinaPresutti  +
Biological Entities Review ValentinaPresutti +ValentinaPresutti  +
BorisVillazón-Terrazas about Define Hybrid Class Resolving Disjointness due to Subsomption +BorisVillazón-Terrazas  +
BorisVillazón-Terrazas about Faceted Classification Scheme +BorisVillazón-Terrazas  +
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