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Scenario This property is used for describing examples of instantiation of the Content OP. For example, for the part of Content OP (which represents part-whole relations) a possible scenario is the sentence: "the brain is part of the human body". Scenarios are expressed as natural language sentences. The value of this property is of type Text.

This property is a subproperty of PatternProblemExample.

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ComputationalEnvironment +The tool Wireshark was run on a particular computer in order to analyze network traffic.
Computer System +<ul><li>The computer uses Ubun <ul><li>The computer uses Ubuntu 16.04.</li><li>The graphics card requires driver A.</li><li>The software is compatible with Windows 10.</li><li>The processor is compatible with motherboard B.</li></ul> with motherboard B.</li></ul>
ConceptGroup +Used to describe whole vocabulary entity or vocabulary concepts subset. Compliant with RefSets in SNOMED-CT or themes in GEMET.
ConceptTerms +Used for vocabulary representation. For example in Eurovoc(, a concept has a preferred term "social sci a concept has a preferred term "social sciences" in english and a simple non preferred term (i.e. synonyms) "humanities" in the same language whereas the same concept has a preferred term "sciences sociales" in french and a simple non preferred term "sciences humaines" in this language. If we wanted to add a translation relation between terms we could state that "social sciences" english term is a translation of "sciences sociales" french term. If we consider a second preferred term in english "award" which names a concept m in english "award" which names a concept, in a particular information retrieval context,
Constituency +Different types of wood constitute this table.


Data production +Smart home environments, smart object producing data and sharing information in pervasive environments. For example, a sensor producing data about the room's temperature and the sw application in charge of managing this information.
Description in Range +# Scenario 1: In order to obtain the registered quality scheme PDO, the wine "Amarone della Valpolicella" has to comply with a set of rules including grape composition rules. In particular, it has to be made with a specific ampelographic composition that indicates the different types of grapes that contribute to form the wine,
DigitalVideo +<ul><li>The digital video is w <ul><li>The digital video is wrapped by an AVI container.</li><li>The digital video has duration 22 minutes.</li><li>The video stream is processed by the QuickTime codec.</li><li>The audio stream has bitrate 256 kbit/s.</li></ul> bitrate 256 kbit/s.</li></ul>


Emotional Knowledge Graph (EmoKG) +Emotion, Naturopathy
Event Model F +Emergency response
EventCore +The 1990 World Chess Championship Match takes place in New York from October 8 to November 7, 1990, and in Lyons,
Experience & Observation +A letter or diary entry reports on the writer's experience when reading a book or listening to music
ExperimentalParadigmData +clinical data collection; brain imaging data collection; biology and molecular biology data collection; speech analysis data collection; motor assessment data collection


FIEST-IoT +See paper R. Agarwal, D. Fernandez, T. Elsaleh,
FIESTA-IoT +R. Agarwal, D. Fernandez, T. Elsaleh,
FSDAS Scenario 2 +give me the species containing local name 'oyster', give me the synonyms and localnames for species "Ostrica gigas", give me the species with which species "Ostrica gigas" can be confused,
Food Recipe Ingredient Substitution Ontology Design Pattern +When preparing a dish based on a given recipe, the cook can make a substitution because he/she has no such particular ingredient at hand, or has any dietary constraints due to heal or has any dietary constraints due to health issues or other preferences. (The diet often implies specific nutrition intake for health or weight management or other reasons such as personal tastes or ethics.) For example a cooker is a vegetarian and what to cook a dish similar to minced meatballs but with vegan ingredients. The cooker can substitute the meat in the meatballs recipe with soya tofu. However e meatballs recipe with soya tofu. However,


GO Top +A 'template for synthesis of G-rich strand of telomere DNA activity' must be part of a 'telomerase activity', All 'templates for synthesis of G-rich strand of telomere DNA activity' are 'molecular functions'
GUM-Space +GUM-Space is used as the semantic backbone of dialogue systems for natural language of space.
GearSpecies +give me the gears targeting species 'tuna'; give me the gears which incidentally catch species 'dolphins'; give me the species caught using 'bottom gillnets'
GearVessel +give me the vesseltypes that use 'trawls'
GearWaterArea +in which water areas are 'bottom gillnets'?
Gesture Interaction +This pattern is applicable for a wide rang This pattern is applicable for a wide range of scenarios in gesture interaction systems. For example: Consider a user who uses a certain gesture to turn on their personal air conditioner. If this user visits a hotel room with an air conditioner of a different model that carries different interactions model that carries different interactions, how can the system accommodate the user's preferred gesture and let the user continue, as in their own room,
GoodRelations +Vendor puts bundle of specific products for sale; specifies exactly where they will ship to.


HasHabitat +give me the species having a "demersal" habitat in water area "24"
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